Naomi Benjamin is a bespoke hair and make up artist covering London and the South East.


A bridal specialist who has years of experience and an understanding of all skin types, colours and ages. Combined with her attention to detail and calming influence on the day, she makes an outstanding bridal hair and make up artist.


Professionally trained in media make up she has since been working with industry professionals and private clients for 9 years .Her wide range of experience covers fashion photo shoots and music videos, to designing hair and make up for boutique jewellers and milliner designers, and private events for occasion hair and make up such as vintage hen parties.


She’s fallen in love with bridal hair and make up design and can meet all needs from natural to a very glamourous bride. With an excellent understanding of people’s wants and ideas, she enhances everyone’s beauty for a special occasion and creates lasting memories.


Naomi understands the important balance of wedding make up is to have the bride look perfect in wedding photos, and also beautiful close up, so she only uses the very best products, ensuring she has the product that suits you for longevity and to bring the most out of you for your intended look.

all about me

Health and Hygiene

I have vigorous hygiene standards and, unless using a client’s personal mascara, will only use disposable mascara wands.


I will always cater the make up to each clients individual needs and requirements; so if you do suffer from any skin sensitivity or allergies please contact me so we can discuss this prior to any job.  If you are aware of what causes the reaction I will ensure that I have something suitable for you to use.  If you are unaware of what causes any reactions you have had, I would request we perform a patch test prior to application to ensure no reaction happens after I have finished.

important information

in my make-up kit

Listed below are a selection of some brands in my make-up kit.

Almost all the products I use are fragrance and alcohol free.

All my make up is cleaned and kept to a high standard.

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We confirm that Naomi Benjamin is our official naked cosmetics London make up artist and responsible for the naked cosmetics image campaign, calendar and upcoming catalogue and look book shootings.


Her extraordinary and outstanding artistic work is a central part of the success of the naked cosmetics shootings.


Naked cosmetics Europe recommends Naomi Benjamin as a fashion and beauty make up artist who became deeply involved in the brand world of naked cosmetics and added tremendous value to the project.


Naomi Benjamin is an asset to any project and we have absolutely no

problem recommending her to any organization.


Yours truly


Christopher Leder


President and CEO

"I am a professionally trained artist with a wide range of experience and a deep knowledge of my trade.

On every job I take I endeavour to provide the highest standards of work and professionalism.

I stay up to date with current trends, and will continue to strive learn and develop new techniques."